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Where to eat - Rhodes Town

Rhodes City has so many options concerning restaurants, fast food, take away.

We will try to recommend you some of the places we love visiting, during the winter as well.

These are personal choises, not sponsored at all, and we would love to read your comments below!


Greeks usually do not eat breakfast. They prefer to drink a coffee and grab something like a cheese pie, donut etc. However, here are some places where you can enjoy your breakfast.

  • Koukos

It is located very near to Krinis Apartments and you can enjoy a nice local breakfast if you decide to sit there. However, you can just grab a pie and a coffee and take it with you without having a seat at the chairs and tables.

  • Yachting Cafe

By the sea, great coffee and nice breakfast - brunch.

  • Ronda

A beach bar where you can enjoy your coffee .

  • People & People

By the sea, great coffee, nice atmosphere.

There is a traditional bakery (from 1980), just a few meters from Krinis Apartments at Amarantou 51 street. The bakery is the one that we were eating our cheese pie before going to school, buying bread and other great delicacies after school

Generally, you will be able to find many places where you can have quick breakfast and take away coffee!

Restaurants - Fast Food - Take Away

  • Niohori

Niohori restaurant took its name from the area that is called Niohori that means ''new village''. It is a traditional greek restaurant, with local cuisine, nice prices and exceptional owners. They also own the butcher shop just opposite the restaurant so be sure that meat has great quality. Food like ''mama'' cooked it.

  • Koukos

Might be a bit expensive, difficult to find a table but it is a good option.

  • Meltemi

A great sea food restaurant by the sea, maybe the best in the city center.

  • Mediterraneo

Italian traditional food.

  • Stavlos

It is an idela place for meat lovers. High quality food with really affordable prices.

  • Ta Petaladika

Unlike many Rhodes dining establishments, Ta Petaladika stays open all year. This Old Town restaurant provides a festive meeting place for locals when tourist throngs disappear during the quiet winter months.

  • Proavlio

A modern Tavern, run by 4 brothers.

  • Archontariki

Great for sea food, but you have to go by car or taxi.

  • Avgoustinos & Δια Χειρός

Traditional Gyros and Souvlaki.

  • Ovelix - To Steki tou Psilou - Oi Sympetheres (take away or dine in)

These are 3 great options if you choose to take real greek homemade food away. Of course there is a dine in area as well.

  • Nom Burger

For burger lovers.

  • Dromos

Delicious wraps and sandwiches.

  • Marco Polo Mansion (fine dining)

Marco Polo’s culinary team shops daily at local markets. This is evident in innovative dishes like risotto topped with cuttlefish – a fun, harmonious yin and yang of spinach and squid ink risotto topped with a queue of tender cephalopods. Make an advance dinner reservation. Marco Polo Mansion is one of the most popular restaurants in Rhodes.


  • Gelato Punto

Maybe the best icecream in town. Must try the fruits flavors!

  • Ice art

Waffles, crepes, icecream and many many other options available.

  • If you want to taste some authentic greek sweets, just visit ''Stani''.

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May 06, 2023

Great Tips, Niohori is amazing! Please recommend restaurants around the island as well! ☺️

Krinis Apartments - Vangelis
Krinis Apartments - Vangelis
May 06, 2023
Replying to

Of course, we are currently working on that!

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