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East Side Beaches

Take a look at the most and least famous beaches of Rhodes' East Side

Generally, the East Side of the island is, let us say,the most touristic side of the island, since, due to the wind direction, the sea is usually calm. Please note that, some of them might be very crowded during July & August and you might not be able to find a place to put your towel or rent a sunbed & umbrella. We will give you a brief analysis of the beaches, beggining from the north (Elli beach) to the south (Prasonissi).

Please note that, except some beach bars and hotel beaches, where you have to pay for a sunbed or umbrella, Beach is free and a precious possesion for everybody around the island!

Elli Beach

This is still the most popular beach in Rhodes, probably because of its central location. It’s in town and only a stone’s throw from our property. It is the most densely populated beach on the island so if you’re looking for something a lot quieter, perhaps you should give the city a miss. Its lenght is approximately a kilometre and it begins in the region of the Aquarium, which is in front of the Mediterranean Hotel, and includes the beach in front of the historic ‘20s Rodon Hotel, which also houses the Casino of Rhodes.

This is also the beach with the island’s only diving board in the sea. The multi-level diving board is a few decades old and is showing signs of wear and tear so do take care not to hurt yourself if you wish to use it.

The area with the diving platform is known as Ellie Beach and it is probably the most photographed beach in Rhodes, along with Lindos, Faliraki and the Bay of Kalithea. It is also one of the most organised beaches on the island, with a plethora of umbrellas, sun beds, kiosks, superettes, restaurants and a variety of other services on offer.

Sea is usually calm at the east side and windy at the west side, so you can choose the one you like the most.

If you are a fan of water sports, Gabriel's Water Sports might be an ideal place for you.

Please note that it is not obligatory to rent a sunbed at the area around the Aquarium. (approximately 15€ per 2 sunbeds and an umbrella). It is possible to put you towel & umbrella in front of the municipality organised area and enjoy the sea and sun. In fact, you can use the beach equipment we offer for free located on the 1st floor! However, these are some beach bars like Baia, Ronda, Elli that you must pay for a set in order to be able to enjoy the sea at these specific places.

Santa Marina & Kalami Beach Bars

These are two beach bars near the city center,nearly 10-15 minutes by car or bus.

Despite the fact that you might not find the best sea, concerning its water quality like others around the island, you can enjoy your coffee - lunch - dinner - cocktail into a fabulous environment.

A set of 2 sunbeds + 1 umbrella usually costs 20€ and might be even more expensive if you decide to rent the ones into or in front of the sea.

Kallithea Springs - Tassos Beach -Oasis

The Springs of Kallithea belong to the Municipality of Rhodes and are located 9 km from the city center. After years of renovation of this magnificent seaside monument, the doors of the Springs opened on July 1, 2007. This unique combination of nature, architecture and history offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience.

The springs of Kallithea are an admirable and representative example of architecture, which has been integrated into the natural environment of the area.

Enjoy the excellent architecture, the crystal clear waters, the recreation area (cafeteria) and the picturesque bay with its unique natural beauty.

If you do not want to spend the day here, it is nice to have a drink or a snack when returning to the city center from the south.

Tassos Beach is ideal for families with babie and toddlers. The water is warm, narrow and you can have a lunch at Tassos restaurant. They can serve you at your umbrella as well!

Oasis Beach is ideal for couples and friends. You can enjoy your cocktail and snack while hearing to loud music!


You might remember Faliraki as a party destination exclusively for young visitors interested in wild parties. Unfortunately, this led to a decline in the quality of tourists, a shortened tourist season, and the closure of many businesses that could not survive on the cheap food, drinks, and accessories that were the only available commodities. Today, Faliraki has turned over a new leaf, as it has undergone significant changes to appeal to families seeking quality vacation time.

Since 2003, when the local authorities' plan to redefine tourism in Faliraki was implemented, much has changed.The image of Faliraki 20 years ago does not resemble anything like today's destination, which in a few years has managed to shake off the sins of the past.

Nowdays, Faliraki has several beaches to sneak amongst the huge hotels and resorts, where usually families stay. Generally, it is a sandy beach, with clear water where you can enjoy water sports as well.

Mandomata Nudist Beach is also located at Faliraki, a very famous beach for nudists.

A set of 2 sunbeds + 1 umbrella usually costs 20€ and might be even more expensive if you decide to rent the ones into or in front of the sea.

Anthony Quinn Bay & Ladiko

Anthony Quin Bay is on the eastern side of Rhodes Island, the beautiful island on the east side of Greece. The cove earns the admiration of people that visit it and swim in its turquoise waters every year.

Do you find the name of the cove surprising? Well, here is why this bay has the name of the famous Mexican actor: The original name of the bay was ‘Vagies’. In the 60s the famous actor came to Greece to film the movie ‘The guns of Navarone’, and he filmed some scenes at this specific beach.

He fell in love with the beautiful landscape, and he wanted to buy this piece of land a create a global center where actors from around the world could come, relax and socialize. Despite his efforts, his dream never came true due to bureaucracy. Nevertheless, since the 60s this charming cove has the name Anthony Quinn Bay.

However, the famous actor is not the only one who fell in love with the beach; thousands of people come here every year to enjoy the warm clean waters and the unique landscape. Therefore, the beach is usually busy, especially during the high touristic season.

Anthony Quinn Bay is a few minutes away from Faliraki and is a beach of extreme natural beauty. It has approximately 10 meters in width and 250 meters in length, which means it is a rather small beach.

It has sand and pebbles and is surrounded by rock that makes the place look like an exhibition of natural architecture. All around, the rocky cliffs are forested with tall pine trees. The emerald, green colors of the water and the green of the pine trees create a color combination that leaves a strong impression in the eyes of the beholder.

There are no beach bars, as you find on other beaches in Rhodes. There is a bar/café a bit higher on the top of a staircase where you can get cocktails, beer, and light snacks combined with a marvelous view of the bay. It is an organized beach with sunbeds and parasols to rent.

How to get there?

If you drive from Rhodes town to Anthony Quinn Bay, the quickest way to get to the beach is by taking the Provincial Road 95/Rodou-Lindou and following the signs to Kallithea. The distance is approximately 17 km and you will be at the beach in about 20 minutes.

The beach sits adjacent to Ladiko Beach and you can park for free between both beaches—but get there early in the morning to secure a spot. Alternatively, hop on the public bus from the village of Rhodes or take a boat tour around the island and stop for a refreshing splash here.

Because of it's small size, which is about 10 meters in width at its widest points and 250 meters in length, Anthony Quinn beach feels fairly crowded during July and August. This, however, is not so much because of the number of visitors per se, it is more because the narrow width of the beach.

Driving west from Anthony Quinn Bay is another beach that is, like Faliraki, more cosmopolitan, called Ladiko beach. It is organized, and it has -apart from showers, sunbeds, parasols, and taverns- a center for water sports activities. Ladiko is one of the best places for rock climbing in Rhodes. If you are into this activity, this is an extra plus.


The beach at Afandou itself is massive, something like 3km long, so finding a place of your own is not difficult to do. It’s a mix of sand and those really fine smooth pebbles that feel nice on your weary feet. While not overdeveloped and crowded, there are sections where you can easily find a drink, a meal or to do water-sport activities. Having said that there are also sections where you will see nothing but sand and the occasional beach shower stall. If you are looking for beaches packed wall to wall like in Mykonos, this is not the place. The water in the Med here is pristine, clear and sky blue. On one end is an area with little coves and hidden caves to explore. The perfect place to fall in love.

Its deep, clear sparkling waters are ideal for swimming and remain quite fresh even under the hot sun. Some fine taverns can be found nearby the beach and, in the village, visitors will find even more taverns

Please note that it might be windy sometimes so it might be a bit difficult to use your own umbrella.

Tsambika Beach

The large sandy beach of Tsampika is located under the imposing rock where the miraculous monastery of Tsambika dominates, ideal for relaxation and to enjoy the sun. The beach is popular for families with young children and as it has a sandy and very shallow shore. It is fully organized, with sunbeds, water sports, canteens & beach bar for snacks, soft drinks.

Its deep, clear sparkling waters are ideal for swimming and remain quite fresh even under the hot sun. Some fine taverns can be found nearby the beach and, in the village, visitors will find even more taverns.

It is very easy to access. After a short nice drive down off the main road you get to a long stretch of parking space just by the beach.

Tsambika can be reached by public transport but it is better to get there by car or bike as there are a lot of interesting surroundings to explore.

You can climb up to Tsambika monastery by climbing a steep path and 300 steps to a little chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary at the top of the hill. Couples throng to the chapel every year, as it is said to bring fertility. From this marvellous panoramic spot we may admire the beautiful, long beaches of Kolymbia, Afandou, Tsambika and Stegna. On clear days we can see as far as Lindos promontory. Facing inland, we spot the peak of Mount Attavyros.

Agathi Beach - Golden Sand

Agathi beach was until a few years ago one of the hidden treasures of Rhodes. It is located on the east coast, 38 km from Rhodes, at a walking distance from resort of Haraki. To get to the beach you turn left on the road that guides from the junction down to Haraki, towards the hill with the imposing figure of Feraklos Castle.

It is a beautiful, sheltered, cosy beach, there are three canteens, all of them providing you with the necessary food refreshments and drinks. It is fully organized, with sunbeds, and water sports.

Let us say, that it is a smaller ''Tsambika''.

At the northern end of the beach there is a cave, ideal to spend a night by the fire.

St Paul's Bay

Saint Paul’s Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is on the south-eastern side of Rhodes islands, next to the charming village of Lindos.

Lindos was the ancient center of the island, and the ancient ruins are still standing close to the village. We read about Lindos in the ancient poem of Homer, the Iliad, written in the 8th century BC.

Today Lindos continues to be a center of culture, and it attracts many visitors who want to enjoy the calm atmosphere of the village.

One of the attractions of Lindos is Saint Paul’s Bay, the beach that has been voted repeatedly among the best beaches in the world. According to tradition, a boat brought Saint Paul to this cove when he came to Rhodes to preach Christianity. Therefore, this beach is called Saint Paul’s Bay.

On one side stands a chapel dedicated to Saint Paul. Many couples choose to get married there as the location is very romantic and the view is perfect for photo shooting.

There is free parking space on the road leading to the beach. You can park your car there and walk to the beach.

It gets very busy, especially during weekends and July-August. So, if you want to get there and rent a sunbed, you must be there until 11.00


We think that it is the best beach, concerning its clear water and amazing small pebbles.

Gennadi Beach is a stunning expanse that offers the perfect balance of relaxation and excitement. This vast beach provides ample space for you and your friends to sprawl out on your beach towels, with only select areas of the beach boasting commercial organization.

We can recommend you 2 places, if you want to go somewhere with umbrellas and generally organised:

  • Mojito

Only 50 meters away from one of the most beautiful beaches of south Rhodes, Mojito Beach Bar still remains the number one destination for relaxing travelers. Offering friendly service under the summer breeze shadows, guests have the chance to enjoy cold cocktails, a variety of snacks and menus, secluded by the ethnic atmosphere and relaxing lounge music of Mojito Beach Bar.

It gets very busy, especially during weekends and July-August.

  • Sposa Del Sole

You can relax and enjoy the sea and sun. The service and the foof from the restaurant above is excellent!


The kiss of two seas in Prasonisi… The “Green Island” lies at the southernmost tip of Rhodes and has one of the most spectacular beaches in the whole world.

The uniqueness of Prasonisi lies in the fact that depending on the season, it is an island or peninsula. In the summer, when the water level is low, a sandy spit looms out and Prasonisi becomes a peninsula attached to Rhodes. This spit is the sandy Prasonisi Beach, famous for its excellent geographical location, for its strong and stable Maltemi wind and for unique coastline making it possible to sail in diametrically different conditions in two different seas; the Aegean and the Mediterranean. These factors make it one of the most attractive and phenomenal places in the world for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

The Mediterranean and the Aegean seas merge into one, representing a magnificent spectacle. At the very southern edge of Prasonisi is installed an imperious lighthouse, from which the visitors can hear as the two seas collide with indignantly…

Prasonisi is not only a world-renowned paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers. It is worth noting that the whole island is an important habitat of particular environmental interest.

During the winter though as the water level gets higher, this true sandy paradise disappears under the sea and Prasonisi becomes an island again.


We think that these are the most beautiful beaches of the East side. Get your umbrella, your sunblock and your smile and enjoy them!

We will be glad if you leave us a comment about your experiences around the island!

Of course, any recommendation will be highly appreciated!

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